Internal parasites are common in horses. Horses may show unthriftiness, a pot belly, have a dull hair coat, have diarrhea, colic or show no symptoms at all.

Why do we recommend a Fecal Egg Count: Parasite resistance is a growing concern. In the past it was recommended to give dewormer to your horse 4 times a year. Now that parasite resistance is a problem simply deworming is not the solution. We recommend a fecal egg count which involves collecting 2-3 fresh fecal balls and examining them under the microcope. A healthy horse can live with a count of less than 200 eggs per gram. In this circumstance we do not recommend deworming. If your horse has greater than 200 eggs per gram we will instruct you which dewormer you should be using and how to proceed. We have found that many horses do not need to be dewormed as frequently as previously thought.